Winter proofing a summer wardrobe…..,

On December the 18th as we boarded our flight to Lima Peru I did not expect to be still here in April. I packed only summer clothes and now we are going into Autumn. I wouldn’t say it’s cold by UK standards but the mornings and evenings have a chill in the air. If theContinue reading “Winter proofing a summer wardrobe…..,”

A visit to Zara in Lima it’s like visiting an old friend!

When I first came to Lima about 17 years ago I had to bring everything with me. There was no where to pick up a new top or bikini. If my favourite shampoo ran out then I just bought what was available locally. The clothes were limited to surf shops or boutiques where all ofContinue reading “A visit to Zara in Lima it’s like visiting an old friend!”

Lockdown and shopping go hand in hand…..

There are way more serious things going on the world than what is included in this post but I do believe that a little light relief is needed. During lockdown number one I was at home like most of the world at that time. How did I keep myself occupied? Well we are extremely fortunateContinue reading “Lockdown and shopping go hand in hand…..”

Peruvian Pima Cotton……the cream of the crop

Here at the beach in Punta Hermosa, Lima Peru things have changed. Gone are the days when the small boutiques stocked very bad clothes in flammable fabrics. Now instead of exporting all of the Pima cotton they are keeping some for themselves. To my delight this trip I have acquired a few very pretty tieContinue reading “Peruvian Pima Cotton……the cream of the crop”