Beach life and supporting local boutiques.

One of my biggest fears when travelling to Peru every year is “what if my suitcase doesn’t arrive with me” This may seem very trivial but it has history. My suitcase has always arrived on time (thank you @klm) but up until a few years ago I would have struggled to replace items locally.

When @zara arrived a few years ago I did cheer and think I am safe. I rarely visit the stores here as I want something different I don’t want what I can buy in the Uk.

Peru is a very rich country with a vast supply of gold, silver, gems, amazing fruit, veg and an ocean full of fish but the wealth isn’t necessarily distributed fairly. Only in the last few years can you really see the growing middle classes.

Here at the beach there is a real west coast vibe and this combined with people having money to spend has meant a growing boutique market which is perfect.

Normally by the time I arrive in late December summer has arrived but this year we didn’t really see summer until a few weeks ago.

This meant I had to go shopping to supplement my wardrobe. I found excellent jeans, a very @ganni like knit and hoodie with side zips made from the softest cotton.

This was obviously just the beginning when I realised what was available I was like a child in a candy store. I always pay a visit to a beachwear shop @adg (Angel del Guardia) and they had a few beautiful pieces I bought swimwear but also an amazing blue/green maxi, leopard print pants and a hat.

I am not one for denim jackets but they can team well with a strappy dress to keep off the chill. I found one with tassels on the bottom and embroidery on the back. It was in a cool market and it works so well here.

From the moment I arrived I wanted white cotton wide leg pants and I finally found them last week on a market stall in San Bartolo a village further along the coast. (The day before the latest lockdown started)

You never quite now what will pop up and where. A week ago a man carrying his wears set up on the steps at the beach. It was my lucky day (and his) I bought 3 cotton tie dye skirts.

All of the pieces mentioned

Our local coffee shop had a small boutique move in and for me it is heaven. I very quickly acquired my tie dye collection (included in my previous post)

My tie dye collection

The quality and the styling of the clothes is so good I feel like it’s an honour to support this growing band of very small boutiques in our beach community.

Peruvian Pima Cotton……the cream of the crop

Here at the beach in Punta Hermosa, Lima Peru things have changed. Gone are the days when the small boutiques stocked very bad clothes in flammable fabrics. Now instead of exporting all of the Pima cotton they are keeping some for themselves.

To my delight this trip I have acquired a few very pretty tie dye Pima cotton pieces. I am having so much fun styling them.

Before the we get to the pieces here are some interesting facts about Pima cotton.

Peruvian Pima Cotton is the cream of cotton crops. It is softer and more absorbent. The extra long length of the fibres means it it is soft, durable and highly resistant to pilling.

Ideal growing conditions in coastal Peru mean it soaks up just the right amount of moisture and then it is harvested by hand. This process leaves the fibres brilliantly white and free from impurities.

The cotton is perfect for people with allergies and sensitive skin

All of this makes the garments so much more fun.

Tie Dye pieces in Pima Cotton
You always need a hat or two

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Smile please…….

Let’s talk about how cute the new collection by Victoria Victoria Beckham .

First up is this amazing tee FFS Smile I for one will be wearing it as soon as I can I will wear it tucked in to my cute Ganni skirts


This mini skirt and shirt combo is high on my wish list

Shirt £290 Skirt £260

This dress for me is a dream for summer days

Dress £290

This next dress teamed with my Balenciaga triple s is a perfect outfit

Dress £295

Welcome to Luzyamor

Whilst making the most of a very extended stay in Peru I decided I needed a new blog to keep me busy.

The idea has been circulating in my head for awhile but tiredness took over now after a great deal of sunshine and sleep I am ready to go.

I want the blog to cover subjects that really interest me and give me joy.

Sustainable fashion healthy eating are high on my priority list but I won’t neglect my first love fashion and styling.

At home in the real world I work as a personal shopper in very famous yellow store. You cannot call something you love a job I am just lucky I get to play with gorgeous things everyday.

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