New outfit alert….

My obsession with Scandi designers never falters. This is an outfit I will definitely be wearing once I am back in the UK and days are warm.

The shell skirt is @ceciliebahnson and will become a wardrobe staple. The detail on the self tie waistband is just perfect. It is also available in pale blue which is beautiful but less versatile. (For me)

Detail on the waistband

I have teamed it with a @ganni tee (I love their tees they are such good quality). Any tee would work with this skirt.

I am using my new @kurtgeiger sandals today but this skirt would also look good with my @balenciaga Triple S trainers.

To finish it off I have included my new @Ganni nylon bag. (I haven’t seen it yet but I know it’s perfect)

Cecilie Bahnson skirt, Ganni tee, Kurt Geiger sandals, Ganni bag

This is a very typical me outfit but I know I would wear all of these pieces many times. The skirt will be a long term keeper. ( remember cherish and restore)

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Cherish and restore

I know this has become a bit of a trend at the moment. We should learn to reuse and restore our clothes shoes and bags but this is how I have always behaved with my beautiful pieces.

I rarely get rid of anything I love. My shoes are regularly in the cobblers (the secret is know a great one) or my clothes are in Stitches (the best seamstresses in Manchester) being tailored.

Here in Lima I have some clothes that are easily 12 years old. Yesterday I was wearing a skirt from Isabel Marant that is 10 years old. The same style can still be bought today.

The same can said of a play suit I have been wearing by Isabel. The fabric is perfect for this hot and sometimes very humid climate.

Each year I bring a few new pieces and leave them here it makes for an extremely interesting wardrobe and it’s always wonderful to discover things you had forgotten about.

At home in the UK I am exactly the same I recycle pieces I love and add new ones along the way. Ganni is probably one of my favourite clothing brands and although the prints change but the styles are always similar. This makes it so easy just too add a different pair of shoes for a different look.

It’s so easy to look after your bags and shoes. I have a weekend ritual where I clean trainers, wash laces polish shoes and spray everything but if you are not up for that then The Restory offers a great service restoring your much loved shoes and bags. The service is available at

Back to my much loved Lima wardrobe. Included in the video are the my favourite pieces from the past 12 years.

The first four pieces are all @isabelmarant The play suit I have had easily for eight years it has travelled back and forth across the Atlantic. The little skirt I have has probably the same time and it lives here in Lima. The dress I have had for maybe 6 years and works both here and at in the UK.

The gorgeous little blue skirt is @charoruizibiza and was a gift about 7 years ago. The blue silk dress is probably the oldest piece at about 12 years. It never looks any different.

The black linen top and coloured pants are @zimmermann and we’re only added last year but I love them and they are keepers.

Isabel Marant playsuit
Isabel Marant skirt
Isabel Marant top
Isabel Marant dress
Charo Ruiz Ibiza skirt
Juliet Dunn dress
Zimmerman top and pants you may

You may have noticed on the video the white @birkenstocks with a turquoise flash around the soles. I cannot remember how long I have had these but they are still very white and look new. Also featured are a pair of @sergiorossi orange sandals again at least seven years old.

I will follow up on this post when I back in the UK as I have many wonderful things that I rewear and reuse.

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Cool summer shoes in pretty summer colours

I may currently be in lockdown in Peru but that doesn’t stop me choosing my summer wardrobe for when I get back to the UK (nothing can stop me searching for the next “perfect” item)

Shoes are currently my main concern I am not sure why as I have more than a few pairs.

I have started my wardrobe off with these sandals @kurtgeiger they are already waiting for me ( I am sure they will be perfect)

The white will work so well with my @ganni dresses.

Kurt Geiger Orson sandals

Then I need sandals to wear with pants (but also dresses). These @ganni sandals tick so many boxes and I would love the brown for the UK and the neon green for my Lima dreaming wardrobe (the colour will be amazing with tanned legs)

I have only found them on @modaoperandi to preorder £178

Ganni rubber sporty sandals brown
I love this green
I have pink sandals already

Next up is trainers although I am not sure why these are in my agenda. I am completely obsessed with my @balenciaga Triple S with a pale pink and blue trim and I have @dior D Connect made for the Chinese Valentine market and they are very cute. Hearts and everything!

Yet here I am obsessing about colours of new season trainers. I have never liked the shape of @balenciaga track trainers yet the lilac version has turned my head.

Balenciaga Track 2 available to pre order Moda Operandi

The colour of these Triple S just shout summer and bare legs (my legs are always bare but we can pretend)

Balenciaga TripleS available Net a Porter

These are also playing in my head as they would look so good with summer pastels.

Balenciaga Triple S available Net a Porter

So will any of these end up in my wardrobe…..I will keep you posted.

New outfit alert

Yesterday I ordered some white quilted sandals @kurtkeiger London which I am very excited about.

Then today I spotted this green leather shirt @ganni I wouldn’t normally go for a leather shirt but the colour is amazing and it would team with so many things.

I have featured both the sandals and the shirt here with my black leather Ganni shorts and a pair of jeans.

Both pieces are very versatile and I know the outfit possibilities are endless. The shirt will be a keeper for years.

I like pieces I can keep and wear for years and occasionally putting them away for a rest.

Ganni leather shorts leather shirt and jeans. Kurt Geiger London sandals

I will feature more outfits featuring the leather shirt and the sandals so you can the versatility. Then you can decide if the fashion maths is good.

Let’s take a look at our great high street….

Everyone is talking about the high street at the moment but with a negative vibe. It’s terrible that we have lost so many own grown brands like Topshop Topman Miss Selfridge Warehouse Oasis and the list goes on.

Why did we lose them? They failed to move with the times and stay relevant. The bricks and mortar stores where more often than not stuffed with uninspiring clothes.

Stores need to become destinations, they need to inspire and fuel our imagination.

I do believe that after the pandemic people will return to socialising and retail therapy will be a big part of that. I will definitely be back in the stores looking for new outfit inspiration. Online shopping is ok but for me nothing beats the buzz of clothes shopping .

Back to the high street what do we have left? We have amazing brands on the high street all offering something a little different.

Let’s start with H&M stable of brands (Arket, Other Stories, COS & Monki) I have never been a huge H&M shopper but the collaborations are superb. I cannot wait for the Simone Rocha collab on the 11th March and I have my eyes on this dress


H&M x Simone Rocha

Then we have the wonderful Other Stories this is probably one of my favourite stores. You don’t need to spend a lot if you don’t want to there is so much choice. The stores brings Scandi cool and a whole lot more, you have clothes, shoes, beauty, jewellery, accessories and the sparkly socks are the best.

Other Stories £65
Other Stories £135

Then we have Arket which carries very good basics all blessed with the Scandi cool. They have , women’s wear, men’s wear children and babies. A one stop shop for the family. I love this black knitted vest.

Arket knitted vest £79

Next up COS I love this store you can always find a fabulous piece. The clothes are cool, well made and affordable. This winter I bought a 3 in 1 puffer coat (a coat a hooded jacket a hooded gilet)

COS 3 in 1 puffer £290

Then we have Spanish owned brands Zara, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius & Massimo Dutti which we see all over our high street. In my eyes Zara is always a must visit store as the clothes often look so much better in real life. I can always without fail find something to buy in Zara.

Zara cable knit £49.99

I could go on endlessly about the Inditex brands they have something for everyone.

Then you have Urban Outfitters & Anthropologie (a favourite of mine). Anthropologie stores are like an amazing bazaar you can browse for hours. You have clothes, shoes, jewellery, crockery bedding plant pots. These two pairs of sandals could be coming my way soon.

Seychelles available in 6 colours
Birkenstock also available in a few colours

Then we have Uniqlo amazing for cashmere. Where would we be without Kurt Geiger and Whistles Then we have the French brands Sandro, Maje, Claudia Pierlot and Berenice the lists are endless. We have all of this as well as the best department stores in the world Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols so let’s not focus on the negative let’s celebrate the fact that after a world wide pandemic we still have a rich varied high street.

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How old is too old?

Does age really matter or is it all about the attitude?

As a stylist/personal shopper I have heard this phrase so many times “I can’t wear that I am too old” my answer is always the same “if you feel good and it looks good wear it”

You can wear just about anything as long as you style it well. Don’t have your legs out and your boobs out it really isn’t a good look.

For instance Ganni have a pair of green leather shorts in their spring/summer collection and it reminded me of the black pair I bought last season. I wore them endlessly (lockdown allowing) and I will wear them more when I return to the UK.

They were the perfect item to wear walking the empty streets of London or in store (personal shopping) .

I always keep the outfit casual and as I always have bare legs (tights are not an option they ruin the best outfits) you will always find me covered everywhere else. It’s all about balance.

This is a typical outfit for me wearing the shorts whilst wandering the shops in London.

Ganni leather shorts & tee Pinko boots

To keep it looking casual I would add my puffer jacket and Whistles cross body bag

Moncler x Rick Owens coat Whistles Bibi nag

To enable myself to keep wearing outfits like this I try to be disciplined with my eating. I don’t go to the gym but I walk a lot I try never to eat an evening meal instead I have a good lunch. My breakfast is essential either porridge or yogurt both with honey and fruit. No snacking is crucial and if needed just almonds or walnuts.

Whilst we are in Peru I am having yogurt with shaved almonds blueberries and honey for breakfast, it is delicious! We have also started having an electrolyte drink before anything on a morning and I have to say I can feel the benefits. I have so much more energy.

My message is look after yourself on the inside and you will see the benefits on the outside. I am way past fifty and I feel amazing both inside and out.

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My beauty basket is full do I press buy….

I woke up this morning thinking how wonderful it would be if I could order some beauty treats online. We take a lot of things for granted in our 1st world countries.

Whilst I brought things with me on my trip to Peru I never expected my stay to be for so long. I can buy all of the basics here but not the brands I love.

It is very hot and sunny here so my face is very brown and needs no make up at all. Also all of the rest I have had means I look relaxed just like a spa treatment and yet I still need some little pick me ups.

This morning as soon I woke up I checked to see if Selfridges deliver to Peru and they do! I think I am going to add all of these items to my basket and chance it.

My face is already oily but here the oil just seems to be excessive. I love the Kiehl’s rare earth face mask and use it weekly at home. I very cleverly left it sitting in the bathroom cabinet so it’s first in the basket

A weekly must have

I have found that I can’t use moisturiser very often as it is just to sticky but sleeping in Sisley Black Rose cream mask every few days would be perfect. It just leaves my skin looking radiant.

For radiant skin

My hair is probably the thing that I am struggling with most. I never have my hair cut in Peru as I tried about fifteen years ago and the outcome was not pretty. I am not ready to risk it again just yet.

I retouch my roots every few weeks and do it myself here which is fine. The addition of the hot sun and pool water means it needs treating regularly. I managed to find a whole Kerastase range in Lima but the lockdown now means I cannot get supplies.

What my hair really needs is Olaplex No4 shampoo combined with No5 conditioner. I love this for my hair it’s so natural it is vegan. There are no nuts, gluten. Sulphate, Parabens, Phosphates is is cruelty free. A huge win for the planet.


Next up although not entirely essential is Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum body scrub. I love this for the feel but mainly the smell! It just smells of the beach.

Body scrub smells of the beach

I walk miles here along the coast and I do it all in Havaianas which means my feet’s are always dusty and dry. Another failure as I left my Sol de Janeiro foot fetish behind. Like all the products in this range it feels wonderful and smells of the beach.

Keeps feet silky smooth

I will now take a chance on the courier companies and see what happens. Lockdown here has been extended so needs must!

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Major excitement alert…

I bought my JW Anderson’s black chain link mules in summer last year (just after lockdown ended ) and I love them.

They are easy to style (they go with everything) and they are amazingly comfortable.

Imagine my excitement when I spotted them today in pink, cream and olive green! Perfect for summer days.

My summer wish list…..

Did I mention that fashion was my first love? Well most of the time when you think I am doing something serious I am planning my next outfit or looking for my next new love.

I do love to buy clothes but I am a great advocate of wearing things for a long time. Sometimes I may put things away for a year or two but if I love them I will keep them.

Shoes are probably my favourite things as a great pair of shoes can make any outfit look amazing.

At the moment we are in lockdown at the beach in Peru which means I have plenty of time to dream about my summer wish list. I am also safe knowing I can’t actually order anything until I return to the UK.

The list is growing nicely with items being added almost daily. I know that Ganni will drop their spring/summer collection online this week so my list will definitely grow (Ganni being one of my favourites)

My wish list currently consists of

Balenciaga tee

As a summer tee this is just perfect.

Victoria Victoria Beckham tee

This tee with VBs humour is just cool and the price point is pretty cool too. I will wear this tucked into my Ganni skirts.

Balenciaga Triple S in white

I already have these trainers with a pale pink trim and I love them. They are very comfortable and are my go to shoes for most outfits.

Chanel sandals

I love virtually everything Chanel and these sandals would work all summer in the UK and for Lima Dreaming summers.

Chanel clogs

I love these because they are pretty but also I know from experience clogs can be so uncomfortable and Chanel in my experience don’t do uncomfortable!

Zara clogs

Just as pretty with a way better price point after all clogs are just a fad.

Dior sneakers

I absolutely love these sneakers as they are different to my normal style. Now I am thinking are they too flat? How will I keep them pristine as the laces aren’t removable… I have white Dior D Connect and I wash the laces every week or so.

I love pretty dresses but only when worn dressed down with trainers or angle boots. My favourites are Cecile Bahnson and Simone Rocha so I am delighted about the H&M x Simone Rocha coming in March. I am hoping to pick up these pieces

Simone Rocha x H&M

I would wear this with my Balenciaga triple S or my black VLTN Birkenstock’s. I would tailor the length to fit my frame.

Simone Rocha x H&M

This white skirt is also on my wish list. I would tuck in a tee and add my chunky trainers.

All of the pieces can be worn many times and in different ways. It is so much fun building outfits around pieces.

I can happily say that this is my absolute wish list for today but it may change very soon….

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