Cool summer shoes in pretty summer colours

I may currently be in lockdown in Peru but that doesn’t stop me choosing my summer wardrobe for when I get back to the UK (nothing can stop me searching for the next “perfect” item) Shoes are currently my main concern I am not sure why as I have more than a few pairs. IContinue reading “Cool summer shoes in pretty summer colours”

Let’s take a look at our great high street….

Everyone is talking about the high street at the moment but with a negative vibe. It’s terrible that we have lost so many own grown brands like Topshop Topman Miss Selfridge Warehouse Oasis and the list goes on. Why did we lose them? They failed to move with the times and stay relevant. The bricksContinue reading “Let’s take a look at our great high street….”

My beauty basket is full do I press buy….

I woke up this morning thinking how wonderful it would be if I could order some beauty treats online. We take a lot of things for granted in our 1st world countries. Whilst I brought things with me on my trip to Peru I never expected my stay to be for so long. I canContinue reading “My beauty basket is full do I press buy….”