A quarantine hotel wardrobe…is there such a thing?

We will be arriving into a Heathrow quarantine hotel in under two weeks time. I appreciate no one will see me and I certainly will not be going anywhere for ten days but I think the urge to feel nice will be strong. (Any excuse for new outfits)

My wardrobe probably won’t change that much from the one I am wearing at the beach in Peru now that autumn has arrived.

I already have lots of comfortable things to wear thanks to Zara and local boutiques.

Everything will focus around my new Zara faux fur slides. I am completely in love with them, they are just so cosy and comfortable. (I have included some alternatives)

I really do think that my wardrobe choices will be limited to different colour joggers tees and hoodies but that’s cool. I can have fun with that.

Here are a few of my favourite things.

I love these Zara cropped joggers they are perfect colour to wear with any hoodie/sweat.

I love the Arket loungewear selection it’s all made with organic cotton. This sweat and shorts combo is perfect for hotel lounging teamed with must have cashmere socks.

Cashmere socks are a must have for serious lounging (I hope the air conditioning works)

Of course our stay in the hotel is timed nicely with my birthday (we will leave the day before) so maybe a birthday treat from Pangaia (available Selfridges.com)

I love all of the colours from the range but I am not a fan of block colouring. (It makes me look short and square). The sustainability credentials of this brand are amazing. These pieces are made from both recycled and organic cotton.

Keeping the colour palette simple

Who knows how this wardrobe will evolve but I will have fun styling it everyday. I will need to have a special freedom day outfit ready and waiting ……….

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I have always had a passion for fashion and travel. I work as a personal shopper/stylist. On this journey I want to share everything that I love and that gives me light. This could be anything from fashion to healthy eating I am sure it will evolve along the way.

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