Newness! How to minimise your buying and maximise your outfits

It is so easy to get carried away by all of the “newness” at the beginning of the season. I for one love so many things but experience tells me to be brutal. I will find a few pieces I love that I can wear many times.

My current favourites are these jeans and clogs from Zara.

Zara jeans
Zara clogs

These pieces will make it easy to create so many outfits.

Zara jeans, clogs and top Ganni bag
Zara jeans, clogs and top
The clogs will work so well with MM6 white dress and Ganni bag
The jeans are ankle length so will showcase any of my shoes. Just add a cool shirt that will give you a waist. Gucci loafers and Zara shirt
This is perfect summer style for me. It’s a go shopping day with a lunch break included. Zara shorts shirt & clogs. Ganni bag
I spotted this ruffle shirt (made from recycled materials) yesterday in Hush. It would probably need tailoring to take away some bulk but I love it. It will work so well with clogs and a simple white tee or tank.

I think I have now justified both the jeans and clogs. They will work so well with my existing wardrobe and the ruffle skirt! (I think I need this too)

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I have always had a passion for fashion and travel. I work as a personal shopper/stylist. On this journey I want to share everything that I love and that gives me light. This could be anything from fashion to healthy eating I am sure it will evolve along the way.

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