Fun pieces v forever pieces

I build my wardrobe around forever accessories (particularly shoes) I find that no matter what I wear if I add statement shoes then the outfit is instantly lifted to another level. There are shoes that have been in my wardrobe for ten, fifteen years all of them can be worn anytime.

I do tend to buy fun pieces that I can wear over and over again. I would never buy something to wear once. My mainstays are Zara and Ganni. I do love the Scandi ethos of laid back cool.

This pattern of buying suits both my lifestyle and conscience. I would feel terrible walking around in head to toe designer as I love to play with my outfits. (I love to switch things) Also I am very casual I really don’t do the orthodox glam look.

For instance these Chanel Mary Janes are gorgeous to wear. They fit like a dream and look good with just about anything.

Here i have teamed Chanel Mary Janes with a Zara cropped kick flare jeans and a loose oversized shirt
Here I have teamed them with Cecile Bahnson pants and a Ganni tee (the now famous tee)

They also look good with a black midi dress. I have one from Zara that I wear often.

I do have a thing about Gucci low heeled loafers as these next photos will show. (The colours are amazing) They are very comfortable, versatile and timeless.

These Gucci loafers look so good with cropped jeans (these are Zara) and a simply tee (I think you all know it’s Ganni)

I also have the loafers in a beautiful green colour. Apologies the only image I have is this one.

Needle & Thread tulle skirt teams so well with Dior trainers, Gucci loafers Balenciaga trainers.

The tulle skirt above is an example of a fun piece that’s lasts and lasts. I had it tailored to take away some of the bulk so it didn’t swamp my frame. (5ft 2in)

I wear it so much as it showcases most of my shoes. I just add different tees to keep it low key.

Trainers are another great love of mine but I keep it to a few statement pairs. I clean them every week and wash the laces. It’s a labour of love as really don’t like dirty trainers.

Balenciaga triple s I wear them so much as I find them so comfortable and they go with virtually anything
Dior d connect made specifically for the Chinese valentines market. I love them I never want them to wear out.
I love to wear my trainers with cute dresses like this one from Self Portrait

Next up are bags and what can I say about this beauty.? I just love it and I am very lucky to have it. I don’t use it often but I do use it whenever the opportunity arises.

It’s a great size with plenty of card space and zip pockets. The chunky chains just keep it looking cool. The inside is red leather it really is a dream.

Chanel 19 mini bag. Now this really is a keeper.

A bag I use a lot is my Saint Laurent belt bag. I rarely wear it a belt as I just love it as a crossbody. It’s amazing for flying as I can fit my passport, phone and cards. Easy access when I need it. If you applied fashion maths to this bag then it’s worth every penny.

Saint Laurent belt bag a very useful little bag to have in your wardrobe.

What will be my next forever piece? I really haven’t seen it yet. I usually know instantly, I can’t breathe and I get really excited. Then I go home and sleep on it but that is a story for another day.

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