Cherish and restore

I know this has become a bit of a trend at the moment. We should learn to reuse and restore our clothes shoes and bags but this is how I have always behaved with my beautiful pieces.

I rarely get rid of anything I love. My shoes are regularly in the cobblers (the secret is know a great one) or my clothes are in Stitches (the best seamstresses in Manchester) being tailored.

Here in Lima I have some clothes that are easily 12 years old. Yesterday I was wearing a skirt from Isabel Marant that is 10 years old. The same style can still be bought today.

The same can said of a play suit I have been wearing by Isabel. The fabric is perfect for this hot and sometimes very humid climate.

Each year I bring a few new pieces and leave them here it makes for an extremely interesting wardrobe and it’s always wonderful to discover things you had forgotten about.

At home in the UK I am exactly the same I recycle pieces I love and add new ones along the way. Ganni is probably one of my favourite clothing brands and although the prints change but the styles are always similar. This makes it so easy just too add a different pair of shoes for a different look.

It’s so easy to look after your bags and shoes. I have a weekend ritual where I clean trainers, wash laces polish shoes and spray everything but if you are not up for that then The Restory offers a great service restoring your much loved shoes and bags. The service is available at

Back to my much loved Lima wardrobe. Included in the video are the my favourite pieces from the past 12 years.

The first four pieces are all @isabelmarant The play suit I have had easily for eight years it has travelled back and forth across the Atlantic. The little skirt I have has probably the same time and it lives here in Lima. The dress I have had for maybe 6 years and works both here and at in the UK.

The gorgeous little blue skirt is @charoruizibiza and was a gift about 7 years ago. The blue silk dress is probably the oldest piece at about 12 years. It never looks any different.

The black linen top and coloured pants are @zimmermann and we’re only added last year but I love them and they are keepers.

Isabel Marant playsuit
Isabel Marant skirt
Isabel Marant top
Isabel Marant dress
Charo Ruiz Ibiza skirt
Juliet Dunn dress
Zimmerman top and pants you may

You may have noticed on the video the white @birkenstocks with a turquoise flash around the soles. I cannot remember how long I have had these but they are still very white and look new. Also featured are a pair of @sergiorossi orange sandals again at least seven years old.

I will follow up on this post when I back in the UK as I have many wonderful things that I rewear and reuse.

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