How old is too old?

Does age really matter or is it all about the attitude?

As a stylist/personal shopper I have heard this phrase so many times “I can’t wear that I am too old” my answer is always the same “if you feel good and it looks good wear it”

You can wear just about anything as long as you style it well. Don’t have your legs out and your boobs out it really isn’t a good look.

For instance Ganni have a pair of green leather shorts in their spring/summer collection and it reminded me of the black pair I bought last season. I wore them endlessly (lockdown allowing) and I will wear them more when I return to the UK.

They were the perfect item to wear walking the empty streets of London or in store (personal shopping) .

I always keep the outfit casual and as I always have bare legs (tights are not an option they ruin the best outfits) you will always find me covered everywhere else. It’s all about balance.

This is a typical outfit for me wearing the shorts whilst wandering the shops in London.

Ganni leather shorts & tee Pinko boots

To keep it looking casual I would add my puffer jacket and Whistles cross body bag

Moncler x Rick Owens coat Whistles Bibi nag

To enable myself to keep wearing outfits like this I try to be disciplined with my eating. I don’t go to the gym but I walk a lot I try never to eat an evening meal instead I have a good lunch. My breakfast is essential either porridge or yogurt both with honey and fruit. No snacking is crucial and if needed just almonds or walnuts.

Whilst we are in Peru I am having yogurt with shaved almonds blueberries and honey for breakfast, it is delicious! We have also started having an electrolyte drink before anything on a morning and I have to say I can feel the benefits. I have so much more energy.

My message is look after yourself on the inside and you will see the benefits on the outside. I am way past fifty and I feel amazing both inside and out.

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I have always had a passion for fashion and travel. I work as a personal shopper/stylist. On this journey I want to share everything that I love and that gives me light. This could be anything from fashion to healthy eating I am sure it will evolve along the way.

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