My beauty basket is full do I press buy….

I woke up this morning thinking how wonderful it would be if I could order some beauty treats online. We take a lot of things for granted in our 1st world countries.

Whilst I brought things with me on my trip to Peru I never expected my stay to be for so long. I can buy all of the basics here but not the brands I love.

It is very hot and sunny here so my face is very brown and needs no make up at all. Also all of the rest I have had means I look relaxed just like a spa treatment and yet I still need some little pick me ups.

This morning as soon I woke up I checked to see if Selfridges deliver to Peru and they do! I think I am going to add all of these items to my basket and chance it.

My face is already oily but here the oil just seems to be excessive. I love the Kiehl’s rare earth face mask and use it weekly at home. I very cleverly left it sitting in the bathroom cabinet so it’s first in the basket

A weekly must have

I have found that I can’t use moisturiser very often as it is just to sticky but sleeping in Sisley Black Rose cream mask every few days would be perfect. It just leaves my skin looking radiant.

For radiant skin

My hair is probably the thing that I am struggling with most. I never have my hair cut in Peru as I tried about fifteen years ago and the outcome was not pretty. I am not ready to risk it again just yet.

I retouch my roots every few weeks and do it myself here which is fine. The addition of the hot sun and pool water means it needs treating regularly. I managed to find a whole Kerastase range in Lima but the lockdown now means I cannot get supplies.

What my hair really needs is Olaplex No4 shampoo combined with No5 conditioner. I love this for my hair it’s so natural it is vegan. There are no nuts, gluten. Sulphate, Parabens, Phosphates is is cruelty free. A huge win for the planet.


Next up although not entirely essential is Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum body scrub. I love this for the feel but mainly the smell! It just smells of the beach.

Body scrub smells of the beach

I walk miles here along the coast and I do it all in Havaianas which means my feet’s are always dusty and dry. Another failure as I left my Sol de Janeiro foot fetish behind. Like all the products in this range it feels wonderful and smells of the beach.

Keeps feet silky smooth

I will now take a chance on the courier companies and see what happens. Lockdown here has been extended so needs must!

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