My summer wish list…..

Did I mention that fashion was my first love? Well most of the time when you think I am doing something serious I am planning my next outfit or looking for my next new love.

I do love to buy clothes but I am a great advocate of wearing things for a long time. Sometimes I may put things away for a year or two but if I love them I will keep them.

Shoes are probably my favourite things as a great pair of shoes can make any outfit look amazing.

At the moment we are in lockdown at the beach in Peru which means I have plenty of time to dream about my summer wish list. I am also safe knowing I can’t actually order anything until I return to the UK.

The list is growing nicely with items being added almost daily. I know that Ganni will drop their spring/summer collection online this week so my list will definitely grow (Ganni being one of my favourites)

My wish list currently consists of

Balenciaga tee

As a summer tee this is just perfect.

Victoria Victoria Beckham tee

This tee with VBs humour is just cool and the price point is pretty cool too. I will wear this tucked into my Ganni skirts.

Balenciaga Triple S in white

I already have these trainers with a pale pink trim and I love them. They are very comfortable and are my go to shoes for most outfits.

Chanel sandals

I love virtually everything Chanel and these sandals would work all summer in the UK and for Lima Dreaming summers.

Chanel clogs

I love these because they are pretty but also I know from experience clogs can be so uncomfortable and Chanel in my experience don’t do uncomfortable!

Zara clogs

Just as pretty with a way better price point after all clogs are just a fad.

Dior sneakers

I absolutely love these sneakers as they are different to my normal style. Now I am thinking are they too flat? How will I keep them pristine as the laces aren’t removable… I have white Dior D Connect and I wash the laces every week or so.

I love pretty dresses but only when worn dressed down with trainers or angle boots. My favourites are Cecile Bahnson and Simone Rocha so I am delighted about the H&M x Simone Rocha coming in March. I am hoping to pick up these pieces

Simone Rocha x H&M

I would wear this with my Balenciaga triple S or my black VLTN Birkenstock’s. I would tailor the length to fit my frame.

Simone Rocha x H&M

This white skirt is also on my wish list. I would tuck in a tee and add my chunky trainers.

All of the pieces can be worn many times and in different ways. It is so much fun building outfits around pieces.

I can happily say that this is my absolute wish list for today but it may change very soon….

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I have always had a passion for fashion and travel. I work as a personal shopper/stylist. On this journey I want to share everything that I love and that gives me light. This could be anything from fashion to healthy eating I am sure it will evolve along the way.

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