Peruvian Pima Cotton……the cream of the crop

Here at the beach in Punta Hermosa, Lima Peru things have changed. Gone are the days when the small boutiques stocked very bad clothes in flammable fabrics. Now instead of exporting all of the Pima cotton they are keeping some for themselves.

To my delight this trip I have acquired a few very pretty tie dye Pima cotton pieces. I am having so much fun styling them.

Before the we get to the pieces here are some interesting facts about Pima cotton.

Peruvian Pima Cotton is the cream of cotton crops. It is softer and more absorbent. The extra long length of the fibres means it it is soft, durable and highly resistant to pilling.

Ideal growing conditions in coastal Peru mean it soaks up just the right amount of moisture and then it is harvested by hand. This process leaves the fibres brilliantly white and free from impurities.

The cotton is perfect for people with allergies and sensitive skin

All of this makes the garments so much more fun.

Tie Dye pieces in Pima Cotton
You always need a hat or two

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