A quarantine hotel wardrobe…is there such a thing?

We will be arriving into a Heathrow quarantine hotel in under two weeks time. I appreciate no one will see me and I certainly will not be going anywhere for ten days but I think the urge to feel nice will be strong. (Any excuse for new outfits)

My wardrobe probably won’t change that much from the one I am wearing at the beach in Peru now that autumn has arrived.

I already have lots of comfortable things to wear thanks to Zara and local boutiques.

Everything will focus around my new Zara faux fur slides. I am completely in love with them, they are just so cosy and comfortable. (I have included some alternatives)

I really do think that my wardrobe choices will be limited to different colour joggers tees and hoodies but that’s cool. I can have fun with that.

Here are a few of my favourite things.

I love these Zara cropped joggers they are perfect colour to wear with any hoodie/sweat.

I love the Arket loungewear selection it’s all made with organic cotton. This sweat and shorts combo is perfect for hotel lounging teamed with must have cashmere socks.

Cashmere socks are a must have for serious lounging (I hope the air conditioning works)

Of course our stay in the hotel is timed nicely with my birthday (we will leave the day before) so maybe a birthday treat from Pangaia (available Selfridges.com)

I love all of the colours from the range but I am not a fan of block colouring. (It makes me look short and square). The sustainability credentials of this brand are amazing. These pieces are made from both recycled and organic cotton.

Keeping the colour palette simple

Who knows how this wardrobe will evolve but I will have fun styling it everyday. I will need to have a special freedom day outfit ready and waiting ……….

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Winter proofing a summer wardrobe…..,

On December the 18th as we boarded our flight to Lima Peru I did not expect to be still here in April. I packed only summer clothes and now we are going into Autumn.

I wouldn’t say it’s cold by UK standards but the mornings and evenings have a chill in the air. If the sun isn’t out during the day the difference is immense. You can now walk without melting.

To keep me going until we can fly home I decided I needed to add a few items to bulk up wardrobe to stay warm.

I have spent all of my time here in Havaianas although I do have my Birkenstock’s but I definitely needed to find trainers.

Where do you go in Lima to shop for a few pieces that look cool but won’t break the bank? Zara.

We headed to Jockey Plaza which is an enormous shopping complex. Zara is exactly as you would find it at home just the seasons are different.

I managed to find track pants, fine knits, cropped sweat shirts faux fur sandals and trainers. I even found knitted pants that I had already bought and worn in the UK last winter.

These Zara cream knitted pants are perfect for a chilly beach. They work with a fine knit or a hoodie. My Birkenstock’s or these faux fur sandals keep it looking laid back.

I am so happy I brought my red Palm Angels track pants with me. I never guessed I would wear them quite as much. (I nearly didn’t pack them )

Palm Angels track pants work well with my Zara cropped swear and the fluffy sandals. A beanie from a local company works well. I have now bought this beanie in every colour.

The one thing I always have plenty of here are Isabel Marant skirts they just work so well for me summer or winter. This black one is a particular favourite.

Isabel Marant skirt teamed with a hoodie and trainers. A splash of colour from a Nuqa beanie.

I travelled in my Rick Owens wide leg track pants for which I am grateful. They were too heavy to wear back in December but now they are perfect.

Rick Owens track pants are quite high waisted so this cropped Zara sweat works perfectly. I can pick my footwear and add a beanie.

The winter before the first lockdown I bought two pairs of these knitted pants from Zara. I was over joyed to find them in Lima. I love the front slit which showcases whatever shoes I am wearing.

Zara front slit knitted pants together with a hoodie and trainers.

I am always happy to play “making new outfits” so this week has been fun. I have already worn a few things I just need it to get colder……. quicker.

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Wardrobe update…..new item

It only takes one new item to add new life to the pieces you already have. Today I spotted this white organic cotton body from Rotate Birger Christensen.

I have created a few different looks just adding different shoes and bags together with the Zara jeans I already love.

So many combinations from adding a new body to the mix

These exercises are making me realise I really do not need as many clothes and that my accessories are everything (even if they are mostly in the UK whilst I am in Peru)

Just switching from the Ganni bag to the Chanel bag immediately ups the game or equally swapping the Zara clogs for the Chanel sandals.

You could also add a colourful pair of low heels like these shown below for a little bit more glamour.

Zara sandals

I am trying very hard to think about what I am buying and how many times I will wear it. I am thinking that the way ahead is to donate an item every time I buy one.

It will certainly make me think about buying when I have to relinquish something I already love.

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Newness! How to minimise your buying and maximise your outfits

It is so easy to get carried away by all of the “newness” at the beginning of the season. I for one love so many things but experience tells me to be brutal. I will find a few pieces I love that I can wear many times.

My current favourites are these jeans and clogs from Zara.

Zara jeans
Zara clogs

These pieces will make it easy to create so many outfits.

Zara jeans, clogs and top Ganni bag
Zara jeans, clogs and top
The clogs will work so well with MM6 white dress and Ganni bag
The jeans are ankle length so will showcase any of my shoes. Just add a cool shirt that will give you a waist. Gucci loafers and Zara shirt
This is perfect summer style for me. It’s a go shopping day with a lunch break included. Zara shorts shirt & clogs. Ganni bag
I spotted this ruffle shirt (made from recycled materials) yesterday in Hush. It would probably need tailoring to take away some bulk but I love it. It will work so well with clogs and a simple white tee or tank.

I think I have now justified both the jeans and clogs. They will work so well with my existing wardrobe and the ruffle skirt! (I think I need this too)

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Take Two…. outfit inspiration

I do it when I find something I instantly love and then as if by magic it is available in more than one colour.

This Rick Owens play suit is a dream in black and pink. I would wear it with heels, sandals, boots or trainers.

It really is a spring/summer dream as it’s so easy to edit.

Rick Owens play suit in pink and black
Zara leather mud heel sandals

On chilly days I would team them with chunky boots and a cool coat. Tanned legs are an essential part of this look.

I have teamed the black suit with Bottega Venetta black boots as I love the green sole. The suit suit with Zara white chunky boots.

I love to dress everything down and on a warm day I would just add flat sandals. Here I have added sandals that’s I have in my wardrobe.

I have teamed the pink suit with my KG London sandals and the black suit with my beloved Valentino x Birkenstock

If a lot of walking was going to be involved then I always default to my trainers. The look is very dressed down but perfect for shopping then food.

Either my Dior D Connects or Balenciaga Triple S work with either play suit

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Fun pieces v forever pieces

I build my wardrobe around forever accessories (particularly shoes) I find that no matter what I wear if I add statement shoes then the outfit is instantly lifted to another level. There are shoes that have been in my wardrobe for ten, fifteen years all of them can be worn anytime.

I do tend to buy fun pieces that I can wear over and over again. I would never buy something to wear once. My mainstays are Zara and Ganni. I do love the Scandi ethos of laid back cool.

This pattern of buying suits both my lifestyle and conscience. I would feel terrible walking around in head to toe designer as I love to play with my outfits. (I love to switch things) Also I am very casual I really don’t do the orthodox glam look.

For instance these Chanel Mary Janes are gorgeous to wear. They fit like a dream and look good with just about anything.

Here i have teamed Chanel Mary Janes with a Zara cropped kick flare jeans and a loose oversized shirt
Here I have teamed them with Cecile Bahnson pants and a Ganni tee (the now famous tee)

They also look good with a black midi dress. I have one from Zara that I wear often.

I do have a thing about Gucci low heeled loafers as these next photos will show. (The colours are amazing) They are very comfortable, versatile and timeless.

These Gucci loafers look so good with cropped jeans (these are Zara) and a simply tee (I think you all know it’s Ganni)

I also have the loafers in a beautiful green colour. Apologies the only image I have is this one.

Needle & Thread tulle skirt teams so well with Dior trainers, Gucci loafers Balenciaga trainers.

The tulle skirt above is an example of a fun piece that’s lasts and lasts. I had it tailored to take away some of the bulk so it didn’t swamp my frame. (5ft 2in)

I wear it so much as it showcases most of my shoes. I just add different tees to keep it low key.

Trainers are another great love of mine but I keep it to a few statement pairs. I clean them every week and wash the laces. It’s a labour of love as really don’t like dirty trainers.

Balenciaga triple s I wear them so much as I find them so comfortable and they go with virtually anything
Dior d connect made specifically for the Chinese valentines market. I love them I never want them to wear out.
I love to wear my trainers with cute dresses like this one from Self Portrait

Next up are bags and what can I say about this beauty.? I just love it and I am very lucky to have it. I don’t use it often but I do use it whenever the opportunity arises.

It’s a great size with plenty of card space and zip pockets. The chunky chains just keep it looking cool. The inside is red leather it really is a dream.

Chanel 19 mini bag. Now this really is a keeper.

A bag I use a lot is my Saint Laurent belt bag. I rarely wear it a belt as I just love it as a crossbody. It’s amazing for flying as I can fit my passport, phone and cards. Easy access when I need it. If you applied fashion maths to this bag then it’s worth every penny.

Saint Laurent belt bag a very useful little bag to have in your wardrobe.

What will be my next forever piece? I really haven’t seen it yet. I usually know instantly, I can’t breathe and I get really excited. Then I go home and sleep on it but that is a story for another day.

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New outfit alert Ganni leather dress……

There I was thinking that I may want to buy the Ganni green leather dress when up pops this little beauty.

A neutral dress I can wear with so many different pairs of shoes. I could also add the leather frilled collar that isn’t available yet.

I have included these Sandro cream boots (I need new cream boots, black are way to heavy now) These boots will work so well with my Ganni leather shorts.

The Ganni sandals which aren’t even on any websites yet. ( I will be waiting)

My KG London white quilted sandals. (I haven’t even tried these yet but I know they will fit perfectly.)

The dress definitely will be a keeper and I know I will wear it for years. (Good fashion maths)

Ganni leather dress, Ganni chocolate sandals, Sandro boots, KGLondon white quilted sandals.

Why is one never enough!

I ask myself this question all of the time. For instance this morning I spotted the JW Anderson chain embellished loafers on Selfridges.com in cream. I have a black pair which I love but I bought them last summer and now I am think the new pair would be good. To add further weight to the argument I have convinced myself that a size smaller would be better as they do give.

JW Anderson embellish chain loafers. Do I really need the cream pair as well?

I did exactly the same yesterday with Balenciaga tripleS I spotted a silver pair and almost stopped breathing (I can be very dramatic when it comes to shoes) I already have a pair which I love and certainly don’t need changing but I love silver shoes (I have few pairs).

My argument for another pair is quite good (or so I think) the original pair where a birthday pressie last year and it’s nearly my birthday again (two months is nearly)

Balenciaga Triple S the original pair v the silver pair. Do I really need them?

It’s not just shoes that I love to double up. If I love something then I always want it in a different colour but sadly I never love the second buy as much. (But I never learn) My Ganni leather shorts are a great example. I bought the black pair about seven months ago and I wore them a lot and will continue to wear them. When I saw the green pair in new season I was so excited. Then I started thinking about the pros and cons of green shorts. On the one hand they are prominent and can’t be missed which means I would wear them less but on the other hand they would look amazing with tanned legs. (It’s so hard)

Ganni leather shorts I have the black do I really need the green. No I don’t!

Only this week I bought a little green summer skirt from Zara in Lima and I already want it in another colour. I suppose it means I love what I buy!

A visit to Zara in Lima it’s like visiting an old friend!

When I first came to Lima about 17 years ago I had to bring everything with me. There was no where to pick up a new top or bikini. If my favourite shampoo ran out then I just bought what was available locally.

The clothes were limited to surf shops or boutiques where all of the clothes were nylon.

Now as well as the local boutiques selling the Pima cotton I have Zara. What a comfort blanket that is.

There are three Zara stores in Lima which I think is just amazing. Yesterday we took a trip to One of them and I found a few pieces to top up my beach wardrobe.

This was my wish list of everything I had seen on the Zara Peru website.

This green ruffle skirt did come home with me and I will be wearing it often.
This white ruffle sleeve tee works perfectly with skirt. I also bought it in lilac and may go back for the black.
I didn’t find this embroidered shirt so I may have to visit the larger store next week!
I did see this shirt and I didn’t buy because I couldn’t try it on. Now it I want it more than anything and it’s in the shopping list for next week.
I really want this tie die vest so it’s on my shopping list.
I saw this dress in black in store but the white is so much better for the beach. Another one for the shopping list.
I had this gorgeous open back top in my hand and didn’t buy it! Why I ask my self?
I have already bought these wide leg track pants in the UK but I am hoping to find them in store here. Yesterday I wasn’t successful but I may have better luck next week.
I really want these sandals. They are rubber so they are perfect for living at the beach. Fingers crossed for next week.

I am quite sure that if I go to the larger store next week I will think of so many holes in my wardrobe that need filing. (There is always an item or two that can change your life!) I will keep you posted.

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Lockdown and shopping go hand in hand…..

There are way more serious things going on the world than what is included in this post but I do believe that a little light relief is needed.

During lockdown number one I was at home like most of the world at that time. How did I keep myself occupied? Well we are extremely fortunate to live with hills and greenery outside our door. We didn’t break any rules we just walked most days. In the time I spent indoors I sorted my wardrobe then I started looking for my next outfit or beauty product that would change my life! I was on first name terms with the DPD driver (not that this is a good thing but it was fun)?

I bought this pink Self Portrait dress the week before the first lockdown. I finally got to wear it after lockdown lifted with my birthday Balenciaga’s. These Simone Rocha sandals I spotted this morning would work well.

I bought clothes I didn’t actually need as I had no idea when I would be able to wear them. (But hey it didn’t matter). The clothes were just a symbol that everything would be normal and I would be wearing them in the near future.

This Ganni skirt was one of first purchases during lockdown. I have teamed it with KG London sandals that I have just bought and a Ganni tee that I would like to buy,

By early June I was back instore helping my personal shopping clients, finally wearing my new clothes.

During the summer I wore everything I had bought and the memory of lockdown faded. We all wore masks kept our distance washed our hands but still the outfits were so important.

I bought this white MM6 Maison Margiela dress on a trip to London in early summer. I wore it with my birthday Balenciaga’s. I think it would also look amazing with these Ganni sandals I have just spotted.

Lockdown number two was short and thankfully I worked through it all. People still wanted to buy Christmas presents just incase lockdown was imposed over the holiday period.

Not only was I busy working but at the same time I was checking daily to see if the flights to Lima had resumed. I normally fly out at the end of December but this year was a little different.

We finally got the ok to fly on December 18th so my Lima Dreaming wardrobe needed a few new additions. Normally I start my Lima Dreaming countdown in September and my wardrobe additions are ready! This trip was different so on a short trip to London in mid December I managed to buy the missing pieces. (They are never wasted I wear them year after year)

Hurrah on the 18th December we flew to Peru with all of the usual feelings of excitement

I really love these Ganni leather shorts I bought in September they became a wardrobe staple. For spring I will team them with my KG London sandals and the Ganni tee I don’t have yet!

It’s now March and we are still in Peru! Our stay has been extended due to lockdowns both in Peru and the UK and cancelled flights. We now have the quarantine hotels to contemplate ( not a nice thought). We are very grateful for everyday we spend here.

Apart from the weather there isn’t much difference in how we spend our time. We walk, surf (not me) and I check clothes all of the time. (Well nearly all) As I mentioned I have parcels waiting for me in the UK but I am showing restraint at the moment! It’s the same routine just a different setting instead of green hills we have the ocean to look at.

My day to day outfits are very casual (for me) I never wear makeup and my hair is tied up all of the time. It’s just like lockdown number one in so many ways I have to colour my own roots, cut my fringe and pray for a hair cut.

My Cecile Bahnson pants which I love and where an absolute sale bargain. They look great with Chanel Mary Janes but I have teamed with the Simone Rocha sandals I spotted earlier and the famous Ganni tee I don’t have.

I have included a few of my favourite outfits (or potential outfits) that have come about during the pandemic. Writing this I realise I need to buy the Ganni tee before it disappears. I also realise I already have so many wonderful pieces that I can reuse for a long time.

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